SAIX Fault Handling and Escalation Procedure

Fault handling procedure

The first line of support is the SAIX Helpdesk. The staff specialise in the localisation and escalation of desktop related faults. The preferred method of contacting the Support Centre is via the online Fault/Query System (SAIX Customers Only).

Once the Fault/Query System (SAIX Customers Only) has been filled in and submitted, you will receive an automated response with a reference number that you will need to quote in any future correspondence.

If no connection to the Internet can be established then a telephone call can be made to 0800 222 772.

The following information will be required:

  • Full Name of person calling
  • Telephone number of person calling
  • Full name of ISP
  • Telkom Account number
  • SAIX Reference number
  • Exact details of the nature of the fault

The SAIX HelpDesk will not accept calls from ISP dialup subscribers. End-users will need to contact their ISP who will then contact the SAIX Helpdesk, if necessary.

Operating Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 07:00 - 21:00

After Hours

    Should customers have urgent faults/queries outside the normal hours of operation, the SAIX standby number can be contacted on the following link: SAIX STANDBY

Escalation Procedure

After 60 minutes of logging the fault on the online Fault/Query System (SAIX Customers Only), a telephone enquiry can be made to the SAIX Helpdesk querying the status of the fault. The number is 0800 222 772.

After this call has been made and a further 12 hours has elapsed and no satisfactory feedback has been received, you may escalate the problem by completing a Fault/Query System (SAIX Customers Only).

If a further 24 hours has elapsed and still no satisfactory feedback has been received, the SAIX Helpdesk Team Leaders can be contacted as follows Click Here (Secure Section).

Network Notices and Planned Work

All scheduled downtime will be posted on our SAIX Notice Board found at: (SAIX Customers Only).

There is a mailing list that can be subscribed to in order to receive network notices, details are available on the SAIX Notice Board.

Under normal circumstances, any required, scheduled downtime will occur on Sunday mornings.

In extreme cases emergency maintenance is required and a short notification will be sent out, but usually SAIX will allow at least 24 hours before work commences.

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