Products & Services

SAIX Dedicated services:

SAIX Dial-Up services:


A SAIX National-International Dedicated Access must be purchased / in place in order to qualify for purchasing SAIX Analogue and/or ISDN Dial accounts.

ADSL Services

Telkom also provides ADSL solutions. For more Information click HERE.

ISDN Multilink Service

Telkom SA has introduced the new ISDN multilink service via IPNet. Multilink will enable current 64Kbps ISDN clients to double their access speed to 128Kbps .... More (Secure Access Only).

SAIX Email Dial

Provides customised dial access to specifically receive and send email over the internet without being exposed to unwanted elements resulting from browsing on the World Wide Web. Email Dial accounts are available.

SpaceStream Express & SpaceStream Office

Satellite access for PC-based computers located beyond the range of ADSL-enabled telephone exchanges.... More Info.

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