SAIX Notices and Planned Work

PLEASE NOTE : Access to the Notice Board has been restricted to SAIX Customers only. If you are a SAIX Customer and do not have access to the Notice Board please fill in the SAIX Secure Access Application Form or contact the Help Desk at 0800 222 772.

Notices relating to any SAIX Network or Service Interuptions will be posted to the SAIX Notice Board. If you experience any disruptions not accounted for in this log please contact the HelpDesk by filling the following Enquiry Form or contact them at 0800 222 772.

Dialup Users must please contact their ISP's if they experience any access problems. Your ISP will then log the fault with the SAIX Help Desk if it is a SAIX related problem.

If you would like to be notified via email as soon as a Network Notice has been posted to the Notice Board, send an eMail to the List Administrator with the word subscribe in the body of the message.

To view the SAIX Network Notices and Planned Work go to the following URL

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