About the South African Internet eXchange?

The South African Internet eXchange (SAIX) is Telkom's answer to Internet access in Southern Africa. SAIX is a wholesale provider of raw connectivity to the Internet for Southern African Internet Service Providers (who sell value-added services on top of the SAIX service to dial-up subscribers and dedicated customers).

Specialising in the provision of Tier 1 Access, SAIX prides itself on being the Internet Access Provider of choice to the majority of South African's dial-up Internet Service Providers, thanks to world-class networking technology, as well as specialist skills who build, manage and maintain our national and international IP network.

The Largest Internet Access Provider in the Country!!

The Internet is the fastest growing communications technology today and is becoming a key success factor for businesses in local and international trade.

Telkom's South African Internet eXchange (SAIX) plays a central role in the provision of Internet connectivity and we provide access to more than two thirds of South Africa's Internet Service Providers.

Thanks to our PoP presence that is unmatched in South Africa, our ownership of Layer 1 and 2 of the OSI stack (Diginet, Martis, ATM and switching infrastructure, SAIX is the most robust and dependable Internet Access Service in South Africa.

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